What type of health issues can be related to water quality?



You turn on the tap and water comes out. This is a basic facility that we all take for granted. Yet, there are still approximately 2.1 billion people in the world without access to clean water!

That’s got to make you think about water quality, do you know how clean your water is or what health issues can be related to water quality?

Once you understand you’ll know why so many people have opted for water filters in Sydney and elsewhere across the country.

The Issue Of Untreated Water

The water that comes from your tap arrives through pipes from a cleaning station.

This station collects all the water it can, from rain, soil run off, through rocks and streams. Unfortunately this water picks up a variety f pollutants on its way to the treatment station. Some of these are actually from the pesticides that farmers use and waste from factories.

It also picks up bacteria and debris; all of which have the potential to make you ill.

This is the most basic issue with water quality, untreated it can carry bacteria which cause these illnesses:

  • Cholera
  • Dysentry
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Guiena Worm
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitus E

That’s just a few of them!

Problems With Treated Water

Its okay, the water from your tap is treated! Unfortunately while this does remove the bacteria and debris it is achieved by adding chemicals. Alongside the fact that more pollutants and debris can be picked up while the water travels through the pipes; you also have the issue of what the chemicals can do:

  • Chlorine

This is the most commonly used chemical as it is very effective at killing most bacteria. Unfortunately it has also been connected with adverse effects in humans.

These include difficulty breathing, chest pains, eye irritation and coughing. In extreme cases it can even cause your heart to beat faster and death.

Of course the extreme cases are linked with breathing in chlorine gas not ingesting it in your water. However, if you are sensitive to chlorine this could still be a serious health risk.

It has also been linked with memory loss and impaired balance; in the long term.

  • Fluoride

This has been in tap water since the 1940’s when a study showed that it can help to prevent tooth decay. Unfortunately it was not known at that time that fluoride can affect the normal operation of your thyroid gland.

In fact some states have even started to ban the addition of this to the water.

  • Lead

Lead is a heavy metal that does no harm in small doses. However, your body is not able to eject lead and an accumulation of it will cause lead poisoning as it effectively chokes your organs.

Lead has also been linked with birth defects and brain damage; particularly in young children and new born babies.

  • Arsenic

You probably already know that arsenic is a poison. Although there isn’t enough in the water to fatally poison you it is a mystery why you would want to drink it voluntarily.

There are other health risks associated with the chemicals in water although the above are the worst. Perhaps it’s time you considered getting a water filter that will remove all of these chemicals; I know I am.