Why you should sleep on left side




We all are aware that sleep plays a vital role in maintaining a good physical and mental health. But only a few known  that the position in which you sleep is just as important as the duration of your sleep.
Fact, the sleeping position make a big difference in your health and also helps in keeping your skin looking young and healthy. It also contributes to improving your digestion. There are eight major sleeping positions, and they all make an impact on your health. Sleeping on the left side is useful to improve health and even save lives. Continue reading to know, why you should begin sleeping on your left side. Sleeping on the back may cause breathing difficulties, and it is particularly dangerous for people who have asthma or sleep apnea whereas sleeping on the right side is leads to worsening digestion problems.

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The Essential Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side Research suggests, sleeping on the left side helps to relieve heartburn symptoms, and it is also recommended during pregnancy to improve blood circulation to the heart. The most ancient tradition of Ayurveda as well as the Indian alternative medicine, suggests this same sleeping position. The left side of your body is the dominant lymphatic side, and while sleeping on your left side, the body gets more time to filter toxins, and waste through the thoracic duct, lymph fluid, nd the lymph nodes. On the contrary, sleeping on your right side can cause your lymphatic system to run slower, which increases your risk of deadly diseases due to the build-up of toxins. When a lymphatic system does not run at full efficiency, it may become incapable of filtering toxins, and properly moving lymph fluid throughout the body. Once you start sleeping on your left side, you will notice that your body is becoming more efficient at toxic disposal through waste. This sleeping position improves your digestive system and allows your body to extract promptly nutrients and dispose of toxins.

How To Learn To Sleep On The Left Side. If you are usually sleeping on your front, back or your right side, you may be thinking how to break that habit. It can take some effort, but it is possible to train your body quickly to sleep in this position: Lay on left side and press a full-length body pillow up against your back. The pillow will help prevent you from rolling over during the night. Change the side of the bed you sleep on. This helps to make it easier for you to flip to your other side and enjoy the same sleeping experience. Keep a dim light lit on your right side. Since your body will naturally want to turn away from the light during sleep, it will help to make it easier for you to sleep on your left side. Try these small changes to improve your sleep routine and your overall health.

Ayurveda and Also suggests sleeping on left side

We all sleep in different positions, but there is a question what is the ideal posture for sound sleep. Ayurveda and Yoga suggest sleep on left side. In this post, we are going to  discuss why Ayurveda and Yoga saying sleeping on the left is the ideal position.

Benefits of sleeping on left side:

Facilitate lymphatic drainage
Makes it easier for the heart to pump downhill
Better elimination
Support healthy spleen function
Encourages proper digestion
Helps circulation back to the heart
Helps bile flows more freely
Here is the detailed explanation about the mechanism of sleeping on the left.

We have three important Nadis Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala. Both  Ida and Pingala  Nadis correspond to left and right. Ida flows through the left nostril and gives cooling effect while Pingla flows through the right nostril and emits warmth.

If  our breathing is following through left nostril then Ida is operating. When Ida is operating then it is an ideal time for doing simple and peaceful works.

If the breathing is following through  the right nostril then Pingla operating. It is an ideal time for doing vigorous and hard works such as exercises, eating, bathing, etc. Also, you should sleep during these state because Pingala  Nadi helps to digests the food quickly and bestows sound sleep.

When you sleep on left majority of your breathing is follow through the right nostril  and this will help to operate  Pingala Nadi which gives good digestion and sound sleep.

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