Yoga asanas for Menstruation disorders


Yoga is the best option to heal menstruation disorders. Some changes in your diet and simple yoga asanas will help you to overcome menstruation disorders.

Include fruit juice& vegetable juice especially carrot, cucumber & vegetable salads in food. Do not allow constipation to set in. Refrain from greasy & sour food.

Yoga asanas like  Janusirasana, Paschimottanasana, Gorakashasana, Suptavajrasana, Yoga mudra, Uttanpadasana, Makarasana, Dhanurasana, and  Uddiyanabandha are very useful in this condition.

Regular practice of the above yoga asanas is useful to overcome menstrual disorders.Always take a yoga expert help while doing yoga. Please consult your doctor before the start of yoga practices.