Yoga Vs Medical System.


yoga Vs Medical system

In any medical systems, the primary reliance is on medicine. It is assumed that a particular medicine will cure specific diseases. The physician makes the diagnosis, identifies illness and prescribes a suitable medication. The patient in this system has to do very little or nothing at all. The task of correcting the diseases and disorder and restoring the health is assigned to the medicine.

Seen in this context, there is a contrast between the medical system and yogic system of treatment. Whereas in the health care system an external agent medicine does the corrective work, in the yogic system this foreign agent is not needed at all. As said earlier, it is the patient himself whose personal understanding, practice and care cures his disease in the yogic system.
Patients are suffering from various chronic illness, who had lost their faith in the medical system because in spite of years of treatment they had not achieved the permanent and satisfactory cure. In particular cases, the medicine provided them immediate relief, but not a lasting cure. On the other hand, a significant number of such patients achieved the permanent cure through therapeutic yoga. This has especially been so in cases of diabetes, arthritis, and various other instances.

This limitation of the medical system should not mean that it is inferior to the yoga system; rather it is only a matter of the limitation and scope of a given system.  There are areas where only the medical science and not yoga can come to the rescue of the patient. Similarly, there are certain diseases, which, though regarded incurable through the medicinal system, are cured through yoga.This shows that every stem of treatment has certain unique points as well as limitations.

Further, the medical treatment has now become so expensive that millions of people all over the world can not afford it. It is, therefore, not surprising that our hospitals now fail to provide medicines to the patients although they used to do so liberally in the past. Yoga, on the other hand, does not involve any expenses.

Therefore, it would be prudent on the part of the medical men to adopt and use this tested ancient system of yoga,  for treating those diseases and ailments whose medicinal cure is not sure. Since the system of therapeutic yoga is now scientifically established, it can be used as a “self-cure” method by people suffering from various disorders in any part of the world.

Excerpt from the yogic cure for common diseases: Dr. Phulgenda Sinha.