The most soothing way to heal your breathing problems.


Breathing is the best example of saying that a person is alive. We breathe oxygen and are the essential component in giving energy to our body. Respiratory organs or respiratory system regulates and controls the flow of and exhales or breathes out the carbon dioxide.

Lungs are the primary organs of the respiratory system.  The oxygen is sent to the heart through lungs and is mixed with blood, sending it to different organs in the body.  The same way carbon dioxide that is collected from the various organs of the body to the heart. The heart pumps the carbon dioxide to the lungs, exhaling through the nose.

It also stops toxic gases from entering the body. Respiratory systems also play a vital role in removing blood clots in the body. It also handles the proper functioning of the vocal system.

When the respiratory organs are not functioning at standard levels, it disturbs the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. It results in many health issues.

Below are few of the common diseases that come from improper functioning of respiratory systems.


  • Upper respiratory tract infection:  Viral infections in the airways of respiratory system like nose and throat.
  •  Bronchitis: Inflaming the lining of bronchi tubes that carry air to the lungs.
  • Pneumonia: Infections inflame lungs and filling them with fluids.
  • Tuberculosis: Chronic bacterial infection, mainly lungs.


Maintaining a healthy respiratory system is paramount. These diseases disturb the imbalance the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide damaging other organs in the body.


Following proper healthy diet and lifestyles regulate and enhance proper functioning of the respiratory system.


Dietary measures:

  • Eating excess sweet foods increases Kapha levels in the body, which leads to improper functioning of the respiratory system.
  • Including healthy fruits and vegetables in the diet.  Nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables alleviate inflammation in respiratory systems.
  • Drinking standard amounts of water. Luke warm or hot water balances Kapha dosha and stops infections from affecting the body.
  • Red bell peppers contain Vitamin C, carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthinwhich cut the risk of developing lung cancer.

Physical measures

Physical exercise is highly beneficial. They keep the respiratory system functioning at optimum levels, stimulating the respiratory organs.

Pranayama technique involves deep inhalation and deep exhalation. It opens up and enables the functioning of all the root systems in respiration.


Yoga also betters the operation of our respiratory system. It removes imbalances in the respiratory organs and allows the standard work of the respiratory system. It also helps in proper supplying of oxygen and removal of oxygen from the cells in the body.


Things that cause respiratory problems:

  • Smoking.
  • Working in industries where toxic chemicals are released.
  • Living in toxic environments.
  • Obesity.
  • Neuromuscular disorders.


Ayurvedic remedies to heal respiratory diseases

  • Solanum surattense or Yellow-berried Nightshade stops excess formation or removal of excess Kapha in the body. It also enables the proper functioning of the respiratory organs.
  • Glycyrrhizaglabra or sweetwood reduces inflammation and irritation in the respiratory system.
  • Trikatu, a blend of three peppers: Black Pepper (Piper nigrum), Indian Long Pepper (Piper longum) and Ginger (Zingiberofficinale). It also removes and balances Kapha, promoting breathing and healthy functioning of the lung.




  • Take 75 grams of Trikatu and 25 grams of each Yellow-berried Nightshade and sweet wood and mix it.
  • Take half teaspoon of the powdered mix, quarter spoon of ghee and half spoon of honey. Stir it into a proper paste.
  • Once done, lick small amounts of the dough.
  • Take it times in a day.


It helps in treating almost every respiratory disease. Any age group can take this paste and is a great deal to enhance and heal the respiratory system.




Tantra- The most Sacred and Vital part of Ancient India

History of Tantra


Tantra is the oldest branch of Indian spirituality. The texts and practices of tantra date back to 5th– 9th century AD.  Tantra means to attain spiritual eminence. It also represents the way to spread the light of knowledge through scriptures describing practical aspects of Veda.  It is also the vital part of Vedic civilization, developed from robust parts of Vedas.

The word “tantra” comes from two words “Tattva” and “mantra”. “Tattva” means the science of cosmic principles, and “mantra” refers to the science of spiritual vibrations and sounds.


People practicing tantras are called “Tantrics.” “Lord Shiva” and “Goddess Shakti” are the principal deities in Tantra worships. Animal sacrifice or “Bali” has great significance in tantric practices. “Atharva Veda” is the most significant of tantric scriptures.


Ancient Indian scriptures are of two types. They are “Agama” which is revelation and “Nigama” are traditions. Tantra comes under Agama and is known as “srutishakhavisesah.”

Agamas are also cited to Shiva Tantras and are ritualistic in ritualistic in nature. They are 18 in number. Dakshina, Vama, and Madhyama are three noticeable tantric traditions. The three “gunas” or qualities “Sattva”, “tamas” and “rajas” are the most important aspects representing three “Shaktis” or powers of Lord Shiva.  Sattva portrays Dakshina tradition, which is, serves the good purpose. Vama portrayed by Tamas is the most impure. Madhyama represented by Rajas is of mixed nature.


Agrestic Tantrics

The practice of ancient and sacred tantras is still in seen in rural parts of India. Most of the villagers have stories revolving around tantric. These might appear fictional, illogical or unscientific to the current world, but the experiences are realistic. It is practiced to heal and well-being of the villagers.


Tantra is different from many traditions. Tantra takes into consideration the person as a whole including the worldly pleasures.

Most of the spiritual paths put forth that spiritual aspirations and material desires are absolute, resulting in the manifold internal struggle. In such paths, even under religious practices, people tend towards materialistic desires.

Tantric practices have a different approach to the life.


Tantric understanding of life

Tantric practice and path saves one from the worldly sufferings. The word Tantra in spiritual aspect means, “To weave, to expand and thereupon to spread.”  It states that life can be fully understood and achieve everlasting fulfillment by weaving the life fabric. It teaches on how to weave the fabric of life with all the threads following pattern designed by nature.

When a person is born, a pattern of life naturally forms around. We grow, and our lifestyles bring in many things resulting from our actions and thought process. We bring in ignorance, attachments, fears, desires and all the worldly sufferings into our life. These things tangle our l and people related to our lives and actions.

Practices of Tantra or Tantra sadhana untwine the fabrics. It makes one understand the life and helps in correct the patterns of life. Practices of tantra are inclusive, coherent and pure.

Tantric traditions of attaining knowledge and purifying the life have many practices. They are all scientific and spiritual.


Tantric practices


  • Hatha yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Nada yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Mudras
  • Mantras
  • Mandala
  • Visualization of deities
  • Alchemy
  • Ayurveda
  • Astrology
  • Tantric rituals


Also, it has hundreds of esoteric practices. They generate prosperity and perfect blend in spiritual and worldly aspects.



This Ancient Remedy Will Cure 90% Impotency In Male

Impotence or unable to birth a child is one of the scariest health issues. In the ancient and early ages, women were considered as a reason for unable to birth a child. It was because the women have the womb, and they bear the child. Later on with studies and researches have proved that even male can be responsible for this. Men and women bare almost same aspects that are responsible for pregnancy.


In males, the spermatozoa count should be around 20 million or more in a milliliter of semen. Of this 20 million, at least half require energy and force to reach the ovum. The spermatozoa have a head and a tail; at times, these have a defect or improper body. Azoospermia is a condition where the sperm is absent in the semen. Sometimes, the sperm is unable to take any proper movement.
Those mentioned above are the most common reasons in a male that are responsible for women unable to have pregnancy even healthy sex. Lack of physical activity is one of the main grounds for these issues.

Diagnosing the particular problem helps in dealing the core issues that are responsible. Once done necessary actions can be taken to treat the impotence.
Obesity is also one of the common reasons.

Ayurvedic herbs to fight impotence in males

Luckily, there are Ayurvedic treatments, which are a great deal in overcoming the issues.


Mucuna pruriens or Velvet beans helps out in improving the count and proper development of spermatozoa.


  • Take 50 grams of velvet beans and fill it with cow or buffalo milk.
  • Put the mix on the stove under mild temperature and heat it until the liquid evaporates.
  • Once done, clean and dry the mixture.
  • After it dries out completely, grind it to a fine powder.

Velvet beans power are also readily available in the market. The same technique is used in preparing the other herb powders mentioned below.

  • Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha is known as the herb that develops the required elements that are needed to have a healthy pregnancy both in males and in females.
  • Asparagus racemosus or Puncture vine helps in proper development of spermatozoa.
  • Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura plays a significant role in developing in fighting infections.
  • Curculigo orchioides or Black Musli enhances the production and development of spermatozoa.

Preparation and usage of medicine

  • Take 50 grams of each of the grounded powder. Finely mix the powders and store it in a glass jar.
  • Take 10 grams of the finely mixed powder and add water four times of the powder.
  • Heat the mixture under mild temperature, until a quarter of the liquid, is left in the bowl.
  • Add rock candy to the extract and drink the extract twice every day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Drinking milk with honey 10 minutes after taking the herb extract enhances the benefits.


Almonds and black gram also highly benefit and heal the sexual and impotent problems.

Taking the herbs for over a period of 6 months improves the quality of sex and healthy nature of spermatozoa.




Most Effective Ancient Remedy For Graying Of Hair

Whitening or graying of the hair is one of the common problems in the youngsters of the modern world. It might be from the heredity, lifestyle or environmental issues. Many follow different techniques blindly without knowing the proper knowledge, will lead to worsening the effects.

Most Effective Ancient Remedy For Graying Of Hair

There are few gifted techniques from the ancient Rishis, to deal with issues like these. In the present conditions, these resolutions are highly favorable.

Sphaeranthus hirtus or Sphaeranthus indicus is one of the best plant herbs to treat white or graying of hair. It is a weed, and the common name of this plant is East Indian Globe Thistle. The leaves of this plant spread over the ground with aromatic smell. The flowers of this plant are violet in color.   The oil made from these herbs works efficiently in dealing with whitening or graying of hair.

How to prepare:

Take around 300 grams of fresh Sphaeranthus hirtus flowers.
Gently grind these flowers, put them in a bowl with and add one liter of water.
Stir the mixture and put it on the stove under mild heat or temperature.
Heat it until there is a decoction of around half a liter.
Later extract the juice from the pulp.
Add a ¼ liter of sesame oil to the extract.
Put the extracted liquid on the stove with low temperature, until there is a liquid of ¼ liter left in the bowl.
Once done Filter the oil and store it in a glass jar.

How to use:
Drop three drops of liquid in each of the nostrils in the morning before brushing the teeth.
Repeat the same procedure before dinner with 1 hour in advance.
Depending on the age group, a quarter or a full teaspoon of this oil can be taken orally.
Ensure that the oil is taken on an empty stomach.

Applying the oil directly to the hair also helps in dealing with white or gray hair problems.


Do not take tamarind or other sour foods during while treating with this oil.
Please consult a specialist in advance and case of any reactions.


Don’t Eat These Foods When You Are In Anger


Manage your anger by avoiding 4 foods


In most of the cases, post anger situations are often regressions. We feel that we should have acted in such a way or did something wherein we have unleashed our anger. Anger is never positive. Diet and Yoga are one of the best tools to manage anger. It gives you a second to think of and gives out positive options before acting. Everyone can handle the way we deal our anger.

Meditation gives you a better perception of the emotions and making you understanding the situations better. So, you get less mad or anger and think of the positive ways to handle the issue. Diet plays an important role in your emotions. Few of the foods trigger and make the situations worse. Below are four major foods that trigger negative emotions or anger in the body.


Many think that coffee boosts you up. Recent researches and studies have shown many adverse affects the coffee has on your physical and mental levels. Drinking coffee makes the person more anxious and irritable. It pushes out the words out of the mouth. The caffeine in the coffee gets us high and sometimes more energy cutting us of the balance. We say things, in an odd frame hurting others feelings.
Alternates like green tea or herbal drinks boost you up and puts you in balance. Alongside, it doesn’t have the side effects that you get from coffee.


According to ancient Ayurveda, little fire, a Pitta dosha is good for digestion. When the heat or fire element in the body exceeds the reasonable level, it results in more anger and aggressiveness. Eating tomatoes boost the heat or fire concentrations in the body. The person tends towards more anger and stress. At the end, the emotional levels are strained.
Spicy food

Spicy foods trigger and give more heat than any other foods. As mentioned in the above passage, excessive heat can lead to more negative emotions like anger. It is always recommended to cut down the levels of spicy food. It is harmful both for physical and psychological concentrations in the body.

Wheat and dairy products
Casein in dairy products and gluten found in wheat increase bring brain inflammations. They are also the elements which trigger the aggressions leading to more anger.


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