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My First E-book “Complete Hand Mudras”


I have included few very secret Mudras that have been practicing in Tantra and Kriya Yoga.


Complete Hand Mudras:  This is my first book, it will reveal the positive energy and calming powers of Mudras, playfully referred to as finger power points�.Mudras can be conveniently practiced anytime, anywhere, and in any position – sitting, lying down, walking, or even while watching TV. Mudras are a part of holistic healing Ayurveda. In this book, I have explained, how mudras help to relieve stress and prevent illness,re-balancing the body to its natural state.Mudras not only work on the body but also on one’s mind and emotions.The techniques help in rejuvenating one’s personal energy, hence improving the quality of life. I have been healing through mudras for the last seven years. I had met so many experts in the field of Yoga and spirituality to know more about healing powers of mudras. They shared a lot of information about healing mudras and few secret Mudras for spiritual enhancement.  I included that information in this book.

  1. 58 Healing Mudras with pictures and how it works.
  2. Mudras for activating Kundalini Shakti.
  3. Mudras for attracting metrical wealth and success.
  4. Emotional Mudras and how it works.
  5. Secret Mudras to activate and manifest Mystic powers.

This book is color printed with mulch color photos.

120 pages with 150 pictures.
Language                            English

Edition                             1

Publication                         Year2015

Publisher Name                      M.Hari Kumar

No. Of Pages                        120



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Kerala Ayurvedic remedies for removing unwanted hair from face


Growig hair on the face is a irritaiting situation for woman. There are so many modern and ancient techniques to remove unwanted hair on face. But most of the modern techniques gives only temperaroy relief. Here is few Ayurvedic remedies used in kerala to remove unwanted hair from the face.

  1. Take 50 grams of Pacha Manjal (Turmeric) grind it and apply thickly on the face and wait for 2 hours and wash it. This is a wonderful remedy to remove unwanted hair.It also glowing skin.
  2. Take 50 grams of turmeric and unripe papaya.Grind and apply it on your face and wait for half an hour and face wash. It will help to remove unwanted hair from the face.
  3. Take 50 grams of green gram powder mix it in milk and add 10 ml of lemon juice . Apply the above mixture on the face and wait for half an hour and wash it. This will give tremendous result in removing unwanted hair.
  4. Mix Turmeric in fresh milk cream and apply it on your face and wait for 30 minutes and wash it. This will prevent the hair growing and also gives natural glow to your face.

All these home remedies will give permanent solution for removing unwanted hair from the face.

The Baudoin Technique Of Self-Healing


Charles Baudoin was a professor at the Rousseau Institute in France. He was a brilliant psychotherapist and research director of the New Nancy of Healing. In 1910, he taught that the best way to impress the subconscious mind is to enter a state of drowsiness or sleep, or in a state close to sleep, where efforts have been made. Reduced to a minimum. Then passive, passive, receptive, reflective, transferred the idea to the subconscious.

Here is his formula: “A very simple way to ensure this (impregnation of the subconscious mind) is to condense the idea that the theme of the proposal should be, summarize it into a short sentence that fits easily into the text. and again as a lullaby.

A few years ago, a young lady from Los Angeles was in a long trial against her family. Her husband had left her all her fortune, and her sons and daughters had worked hard in a previous marriage to break the will. Baudoin’s technique was described and she did it: she relaxed in a chair, fell asleep and, as suggested, condensed the idea of ​​her need into a sentence composed of six words that can easily be recorded in memory. “He is finished in the divine order.” The meaning of these words meant to them that an infinite intelligence that acts according to the laws of their subconscious, through the principle of harmony, leads to a harmonious adaptation. She continued this procedure every night for about ten nights. As soon as he had fallen asleep, he confirmed slowly, softly and emotionally: “Everything is completed in the divine order”, again and again a feeling of inner peace and a ubiquitous silence; then he slept soundly and normally.

On the morning of the eleventh day, as a result of the prior art, he awoke with a sense of well-being, the belief that it was over. His lawyer called him the same day and told him that the opposing lawyer and his clients were willing to pay. A harmonious agreement was reached and the trial was closed.

The sleep technique

When entering a state of drowsiness and drowsiness, the effort is reduced to a minimum. Consciousness is largely overwhelmed by drowsiness.

The reason is that the highest level of unconscious power occurs before sleep and immediately after waking up. In this state, there are no more negative thoughts that tend to neutralize your desire and, therefore, prevent acceptance by your subconscious mind. ,

Suppose you want to get rid of a destructive habit. Adopt a comfortable posture, relax your body and much more. Put yourself in a dream state and say it softly like a lullaby again and again: “I am completely free from this habit, harmony and calm prevail.” Repeat the above steps slowly, gently and lovingly for five or ten minutes, night and morning, time, as you repeat the words, increases the emotional value, when the need to repeat the above is slow, soft and loving for five to ten minutes, night and morning, each time you repeat the words, emotional becomes If the need arises to repeat the naive habit, repeat the above formula aloud, encouraging the subconscious to accept the idea, and then to the healing.

Conscious Authority Healing -E-Book


The Science and art of Conscious Authority

Let us think of science and art of conscious authority as it deal with the fundamental principles of life and the techniques and process by which they can be demonstrated in your life as well as in the life of every human being when he applies them confidently

The art is your technique or process and the science behind it is the definite response of the functions in your mind to your conscious authority.

” Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati  “

And “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knok , and it shall be opened into you.

Both the verses of Indian and biblical are indicating your authoritative choice and its power.

Here you are told you shall recieve that for which you ask, it shall be opened to you when you knok, and you shall find that for which you are searching.

This teaching implies the definiteness of mental and spiritual laws. There is always a direct response from the mental functions of mind to your conscious authoritative command or choice.

In your command you should have confidence and clarity. Your mind moves from thought to thing unless there is first an image in the mind, it cannot move for there would be nothing for it to move forward.

Your command, which is your mental act must be accepted as an image in your mind before the power of your mental energy will play upon it and make it productive. You must reach a point of acceptance in your mind with full of clarity and confidence to apply conscious authority.

This contemplation should be accompanied by a feeling of joy and restfulness in forseeing the cetain accomplishment of your desire. The sound basis for the art and science of conscious authority is your knowledge and complete confidence that the movement of your conscious mind will gain a definite response from your mental energy,which is an infinite power. By following this procedure you can apply your authoritative power on what ever you want.

Conscious Authority Healing E-Book

This book will help you to use the ultimate power of your conscious authority in healing. Through this self-healing, you can heal any kind of illness of mind and body.



1.What is conscious Authority

2. How conscious Authority works

3. Mental Healing Techniques of Conscious Auothrity in Ancient times

4.Mental Healing Techniques of Conscious Authority of Modern times

5.How to apply Conscious Authority healing in distance healing.

6.Practical uses of Conscious Authority

The cost of the E-book is 18 $

If you buy this book before 20th feb 2019 you will get one free copy of Complete Hand Mudras.




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The Energy System And The Subtle Bodies


Most people consider that the material world and the physical body are the only existing reality, because only these things can be seen through the rational mind with the physical senses and they occurred. However, observing a sensitized human eye can sense many energy structures, energy movements, shapes and colors in and around the physical body.

If you are just someone who accepts the material body as reality, reflect on what happens with energy, the power of life that gives life to the physical body and gives it a feeling and means of expression when that body dies, it simply transforms. The power behind the material aspect of the body, with all its functions and capabilities, is a complex energy system without which the physical body could not exist. This energy system consists of three basic components.

Subtle body or energetic body.
The chakras or energy centers.
The nadis or energy channels.
In this system, the nadis represent a type of subtle network of arteries. The term nadis is Sanskrit and refers to a pipe, a vessel or a vein. The function of a nadis is to transport prana or vital energy through the subtle energy system of man.

The Sanskrit word Prana can be translated as “absolute energy”. In the Chinese and Japanese realms, this universal life energy is called “chi”, “ki” or “qi”. It is the main source of all forms of expression that is air, which is one of the many ways in which we take prana, including breathing.

The level of consciousness of each living being depends on the frequencies of prana, which it can register and store. Animals have lower frequencies than at the beginning of their development.

The nadis of an energetic body are connected through the chakras with the nadis of the adjacent energetic body. Some ancient Indian and Tibetan texts mention 72,000 Nadis; other archaic scriptures speak of 350000 nadis. The most important of these energy channels are called sushumna, ida and pingala and will be analyzed in detail in the following articles. Chinese and Japanese speak of a similar system of energy channels called meridians.

The chakras, on the other hand, function as receivers, transformers and distributors of various forms of prana. Through the nadis, the chakras capture the vital energy of the subtle energetic bodies of man, his environment, the cosmos and the basis of all manifestations, and convert them into frequencies whose different domains are physical or which the subtle bodies need. For this energetic system, the human is like that in a constant exchange with the forces that act in different levels of the environment, the universe and the creation.

Since the chakras work in close interaction with the energetic bodies, the properties and functions of these bodies are described in this chapter. The individual chakras are described in detail in seven chapters, each dedicated to a single chakra.

As a general rule, there would be four energy bodies.

  1. The etheric body.
  2. The emotional or astral body.
  3. The mental body.
  4. The spiritual or causal body.

Each of these bodies has its own fundamental frequency. The etheric body closest to the physical body vibrates at the lowest frequency. The astral and mental bodies have higher frequencies and the spiritual body has the higher frequency.

Each of these bodies resembles an energetic dance within its individual frequency, and as human development increases, the respective frequencies increase accordingly. These bodies are the carriers of consciousness at their vibrational levels. With the increase of the frequency of life, they provide humans with superior forms of vital energy, sensations and consciousness.

The different energy bodies are not separated. They penetrate each other and continue to oscillate in their frequency range. A person with the ability to see them can distinguish them if their vision adapts to their sphere. If he wants to see the astral body, he has to adjust his vision of the astral sphere; If you want to see the mental body, you have to adapt your vision to the mental realm. ad in

The Ethereal Body


The etheric body resembles the shape and size of the physical body and, therefore, is sometimes referred to as the “etheric twin” or “internal physical body.” He is the owner of the forces that shape the body, the vital and creative energy of life and all bodily sensations.

The etheric body is renewed in each reincarnation and dissolves between three and five days after physical death (the astral, mental and spiritual bodies continue to exist after death and meet with the newly formed physical body in each reincarnation).

The etheric body extracts the vital energies of the sun on the solar plexus chakra and the earth on the root chakra. The computer stores these energies and feeds them continuously through chakras and nadis in the physical body. These two forms of energy provide a living balance in the cells of the body. When the thirst for energy of the body is satisfied, the etheric body releases the excess energy through the chakras and pores of the skin. The energy that leaves the pores exists in streams up to 2 inches long, forming the ethereal aura that the adept normally sees as part of the aura as a whole. These rays envelop the physical body. As a protective layer, they prevent the entry of pathogens and contaminants into the body and, at the same time, release constant and vital energy into the environment.

This natural protection means that a person can not fall basically into external causes. The cases of the disease are always in it. Negative thoughts and emotions, as well as a lifestyle that does not meet the body’s natural needs (stress, unhealthy diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, nicotine and drugs) can deplete the etheric life force, resulting in a decrease in the intensity of the energy radiation. In this way, the aura develops weak points. The energy flows that leave the body appear folded and not straight or disordered. In this case, the pendant sees “holes” or “cracks” in the aura that can cause negative vibrations and bacteria that cause the disease to enter the body. At the same time, the vital energy through these wounds in the subtle layer “licks”. Due to the close relationship between the state of the physical body and the energy radiation of the etheric body, it is often considered as an aura of health. Therefore, the disease will manifest in the etheric aura before manifesting in the physical body. However, it can be detected and managed at this level. This was possible thanks to the well-known process of Kirlian photography, which makes these energy radiations inherent to each living being visible on photographic paper. On the basis of this invention, very precise diagnoses can be made, which means that diseases can still be recognized latently.

The etheric body and the physical body react strongly to the thought impulses of the mental body. This is the reason why positive thinking can affect your health. Through the targeted use of positive suggestions, we can easily improve the health of our body.

Another important function of the etheric body is its mediating role between the body of greater energy and the physical body, by transmitting the information that we obtain through our physical butts to the astral and mental bodies, at the same time that it transports the energy of the body Y body to the physical body. When the etheric body weakens, this transmission of energy and information is affected and the person can appear emotionally and mentally indifferent. Harmonize and recharge the etheric body.

In this context, it is interesting to note that plants, especially flowers and trees, have a radiation very similar to the radiation emitted by the etheric human body. You can use this radiation to give your own aura new energy. This energy is also contained in essential oils, as described in other articles. But they can also be directly related to the energy of the plants. Sit on the floor and place your back against a tree of your choice or hug it so that your whole body comes in contact with it. Now just leave the power that gives you the energy and power to turn the tree into you. You can also try to lie down in a meadow of fragrant flowers and let the light vibrations of the flowers penetrate and invade you. Even the flowers in pots or the cut flowers near you will be happy to leave some of their energy behind.