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The Therapeutic uses of Gyan Mudra

When Gyan mudra is used in healing practices, it is called as Vayu-Vardhak mudra. It is one of the best mudras to overcome Vata deficiency. It is useful in treating diseases caused due to Vata deficiency. The  Practice of Vayu-vardhak mudra increases Air element and vata prakrati within the body.


Other Names Of Gyan mudra

 Vayu-vardhak mudra 
Jnana mudra 
 Dhyan Mudra.
Vayu-vardhak increases Vayu element in the body.   In hatha yoga, this mudrā is used for meditation. In Ayurveda, this mudra is known Vayu-vardhak mudra. When you meditate on doing this mudra, it gives you quick results. You can also use foods to overcome Vata dosha
Gyan mudra
Gyan mudra


How to do Gyan mudra

  1. Sit in any comfortable posture.
  2. Join the tips of index finger and thumb finger of both the hands.
  3. According to the placement of the hands, the name of the mudras changes.
  4. When you place it on your thigh, it is called Gyan mudra.
 The Impact of Gyan mudra practice
  • Gyan mudra increase air element within your body. It is also helpful to Improve mind power and leads to spiritual enlightenment.
  • The practice of Gyan mudra stimulate the Brain, and all the nervous system is strengthened.
  • It also facilitates movements of electrical impulses along nerves.
  • Gyan mudra strengthens the pituitary gland that helps to improve the entire system of endocrine glands.
  • Gyan mudra strengthens all the muscles in the body.
  • Other benefits of Gyan mudra are, It reinforces vocal cords, heart, renders the skin and mucous membranes to dry, gives the joints and articular cartilage dry.

Vayu plays a major role in the bodily humor Vata. Increasing air element in the body strengthens Vata humor.If you are in Vata deficiency, Gyan mudra is the best remedy to overcome it. The persons who are having Vata dosha should do this mudra moderately.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra 

The Practice of Gyan mudra is helpful to overcome the following conditions;
    •  The dullness of mind


    •  Lack of enthusiasm or initiative creativity,


    • Recklessness,


    • Loss of memory,


    • Deficient brain power.


    •  Drowsiness, lethargy, mental retardation,



    • Neuropathy,


    •  Alzheimer’s disease,


    •  Hypopituitarism,


    •  Hypothyroidism,


    • Hypoparathyroidism,


    • Hypoadrenalism these


  • Muscular disorders like myopathies, myasthenia gravies, paresis, paralysis(viz paralytic squint, ptosis, facial palsy, vocal paralysis, respiratory paralysis, monoplane, paraplegia, hemiplegia, quadriplegia, etc.)

Duration of Gyan mudra practice


Daily thirty minutes of practice is enough to get best results of Gyan mudra. You can do it at any place or anytime.It is preferred that early morning and meditates to get quick results.

As said at the beginning of, If you have Vata dosha(Prakriti) then you should perform it moderately.

Other Variations of  Gyan Mudra:


According to the placement of your hand the name and benefits of Gyan mudra changes. Few important variations of this mudra are given below.

Abhaya Gyan mudra


The practice of Abhaya Gyan mudra enables the practitioner to develop the virtue of fearlessness.

Method sits in Padmasana and hands rise half in Gyan mudra. You can see it in picture

Abhaya Gyan mudra will help you to get free from fear and anxiety.


 Gyan mudra


Vairaagya Mudra

Vairagya mudra is very much helpful for the people who are on a spiritual path.
The practice of Vairagya mudra enables the practitioner to improve a sense of detachment from worldly matters gradually. Also gives a realization about the futility of material gains.


How to do Vairaagya mudra
How to do Vairagya mudra:
Sit in Sukhasana and keep the hands on your thigh and join the tips of thumb finger and index finger like in the picture.

Purana Gyan Mudra:

How to do gyan mudra
How to do Purna Gyan mudra
Sit in padmasana and keep the hands as in the photo to form Purna Gyan mudra. It is one of the substantial variations of Gyan mudra.
The practice of Purna Gyan Mudra leads to obtaining complete knowledge or the absolute truth about all matters.


Dhyan Mudra

The practice of Dhyan Mudra helps to get rapid progress in the practice of meditation.;
Gyan mudra benefits

Side Effects Of Gyan Mudra

When this mudra is used for therapeutic purposes, it is called as Vayu-vardhak mudra. The practice of Vayu-vardhak mudra increases air element within the body. The increase if air element will give side effects for the person who are Vata Prakriti or who have indigestion and gastritis.

I tried my best to explain it in very simple language.If you feel you need more information, please leave a comment or contact me.


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The Saturn Chakra-Root Chakra


Saturn is like a wood shaper that is adjusted to produce a certain piece of molding.Any wood presented to this shaper has no alternative but to pass through and be conformed to the desired shape- the only shape possible as set by certain limits. Saturn is the limiter. All other wood is shaved away. Eternity or truth dictates the limits, and Saturn is the shaper or test of form. When we talk about “getting straight” or “getting in line” or “in tune”, we are talking about getting within the control that is. In this sense, Saturn helps to determine the shape of things to come. All laws, working together, produce form.
Natural Law
Saturn is, most simply, the system of natural laws( for instance , the law of gravity), the functioning of which determine what is possible in this material world. Saturn is the system of law holding things in place and the walls making our nomes possible. Saturn is, actually, both the system of law governing the forms things take As well as the form things take. The forms things take is only the form things are taking( the process). Saturn represents all of the laws by which we are physically determined. Saturn is the form to which we must submit before our evolution or unfolding may take place. Saturn is the system of law against which we may ram our head until such a time as we learn, by feeling our way, to walk around or even to build upon these very same laws- to count on them. Saturn is, literally where we are bound to learn.
Saturn is the test of a lifetime, and equally, a lifetime of testing. We are subject to and tested by these laws until such time as we learn to use these laws on our own behalf-putting them to use as something working for us.We rise above Satan, or Saturn, by proper use and obedience to these physical laws. ” Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”.
Saturn is where one comes to grips with oneself and learns more of one’s spiritual side. Saturn is the end to which we are tending, but also how we tend to get there-“call what carriage you may your hearse”- for Saturn holds you together as much as it may appear to hold you back.
Well, that was a more formal definition of Saturn. What about the experioence of Saturn as a Chakra?
Saturn is usually the first of the chakras to be opened, not because we choose it, but rather because it stands between us and knowing ourselves, between us and any kind of spiritual awakening. This planet is the ring-pass-not- the guradain on the threshold of awareness. Until we have come to grips with our personal Satrun, we cannot really make any kind of personal progress.
How Saturn manifests in each of our lives varies;

What is important to grasp here is that Saturn is a vast area of life; at the very least, it is a phase each one of us encounters and must confront as we grow from being a young person to an adult. As a way of showing you this, let’s talk for a moment about the key to Saturn, Which would be Jupiter- the next planet in form Saturn. Jupiterm as we shall see, is the vocational planet, the planet that shows us our life path, our way through Saturn.

Let’s be a little poetical here and describe this very powerful planet. Saturn or “Satan” has always been said to be the price of the material world .Saturn is the narrowness that makes the way felt. Saturn is the raceway or spillway through which courses Jupiter and the water of life Mars. Jupiter is the blood coursing as well as the course-the path-itself. Saturn is the stracture of the course, the walls of the arteries, the resistance that allows pressure to build up to something definite-to real”feeling”.

The Saturn Chakra
Therefore, if you have a young person( or an older one), who has not come to grips with their own talents and who cannot seem to find a good vocation – a way to get through this world we all live in- then you have a person who is living ( at least most of the time) in the Saturn chakra. They have yet to find the key to Saturn- a way to make a living a path through the Saturnine world they are mired in. And , being stuck in the Saturn chakra, which a great many people are, is not fun. It is a tough go.
So, perphaps you can see why the Saturn chakra is the first one to be encountered when we reach maturity. We can sum it up as being all of the problems we come up against in life, as well as the way in which we rise up against them. Each of us must learn to come to grips with our own problems and deal with them . We each must find the key to our
Saturn chakra, the way to get through Saturn, to handle it. Saturn never goes away. It is always right where it is, but we learn to work with it, to manage it. How we manage it depends on the planet Jupiter, and we will ger to that. But before we go there, let’s spend just a little more time making sure you recongnize life in the Saturn chakra.
Keep in mind that, as we grow up, we become habituated to the endlessness round of the smaller planetary cycles in our life; meanwhile, all this time, Saturn has been laying down its tone or experience.
Let’s say something about how the Saturn chakra may manifest for us.
First, there can be the obvious physical hardships that come from being unable to find a right livelihood- to make a decent living- and the congruent hardships of having to go without. Physical struggle is tough, but there are psychological effects as well.
Experience in Saturn Chakra
The psychological experience under Saturn, or time, is to know only total fear for our life, in particular, fear in relation to what we hope to become. The external world sulks, looms ominous, and threatens disaster and accident at every streets crossing. We are wrapped in the rush of time tearing at each hour’s heart. Every single thing, every outer edge and hard person, only serves to cause us to put off our life to postpone, and sends us scurrying fast into the future, hoping, hoping, hoping, someday, somewhere, to find the chance to be ourselves. Living in this fear, we put off endlessly until tomorrow what we find just too hard to do today.
We are the “Beautiful soul” that Hegel describes, so exactly, in his phenomenology of the mind/ ” This soul lacks force to externalize itself.. the power to make itself a thing and to endure existence. And to preserve the purity of its heart, it flees from actuality and steadfastly perserveres in a state of self-willed impotence to renounce a self which is pared away to the last point of abstractiom.. and to give itself substatial existence or in other word: to transorm its thouht into being and commite itself to absolute distinction, that between though and being.
Life under Saturn is an endless imitation, rehearsal, boredom, and a long, long wait. The way we tell it, it asks a lot, and in all our talk we hear our own hollownes echoing back upon ouselves to inform us that we have not yet begun We have not yet solved the problems. We are the prey of time and of Saturn.
Jupiter is the Key
Jupiter is the key which unseals and overcomes our Saturn. Jupiter is the heart of Saturn, grasped and turned inside out. It is the guide and the light that sees us through the darkness of time- or the darkness of Saturn- the strainght and narrow path by which we pass through Saturn’s test. For each of us, Jupiter is our particular way or going, our religion- the truth for us. It is the way we go or continue, our luck or solution to time’s test. Jupiter is the only way or doorway open to us, and the only one by which we may pass through the realm of Satrun . Jupiter is said to be expansion, because life unfolds or continues at this point. It is here that we find the extension of the present situation- the way through or the way onward. Jupiter is simple continuity- how we can continue or get through.
Jupiter is the endlessness of going through life, regardless of particular form. Jupiter is how and where things contine or happen- the Path. Jupiter is an endless round of passage, the lamp or light that will see sahdows fail. Jupiter ism above all, the key, or reverse of Saturn. IT is the recognition or realization of saturn, for jupiter is the way each of us must go through Life. It is the recognition through which we have to pass, the way we go through life. Jupiter is success of succession through time. It si the Key to Saturn.

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7 Natural Experiences That Cleanse and Activate Your Chakras


Root Chakra

The contemplation of a blood-red sun rising or setting, or of a radiant dawn or sunset, revives and harmonize the root chakra and loosens the confined structures within its sphere.

In order to get in touch with the comforting, stabilizing and revitalizing energy of our planet through the first chakra, sit on the ground in the lotus position and consciously breathe in its fragrance.

If you are able to combine both these nature experiences, this will have an optimal holistic effect on your root chakra.

Second Chakra

Moonlight and the contemplation or touching of clear water out-of-doors stimulate the second chakra. The moon, especially when it is full, brightens your feelings and makes you receptive for the message of your soul as revealed through your imagination or dreams.

The quiet contemplation of in a clear natural body of water or immersement in it or few mouthfuls of water directly from a soring will help you cleanse and purify your soul and free it from emotional blockages and congestions, meaning that the life force within you can flow again unhindered.

If you are able to combine the contemplation of the moon with contact with water, the effect on the second chakra will be outstanding.

Third Chakra

Golden sunlight corresponds to the light, warmth, and energy of the solar plexus chakra. If you consciously open yourself to its influence, it will revitalize these same qualities within you.

The contemplation of ripe field of wheat bathed in the light of the sun conveys an experience of manifest abundance, a counterpart of the sun’s warmth and radiant power.

If you look at a sunflower, you will see spiraling patterns in the unity of its intricate rosette, while the petals stream out golden light from this heart. By immersing yourself in the inner experience of oneness exists a well-ordered and dance-like movement that radiates outward with energy and joy, yet gently and in a graceful way.

Fourth Chakra

Every quiet walk through the unspoiled green countryside harmonizes your entire being through the heart chakra. Every single blossom conveys a message of love and innocent joy and lets the same qualities bloom in your heart. Pink-colored flowers are especially suitable for the gentle revitalization and healing of the heart chakra’s energies.

A pink-colored sky with gossamer clouds brightens up and expands our hearts. Let the beauty and softness of the colors of this painting in the sky envelop you and carry you a way.

Fifth Chakra

The light, transparent blue of a cloudless sky stimulates a reaction within your throat chakra. In order to completely absorb the azure hue, lie down on the ground and relax, opening your inner being to the boundless expanse of the firmament. You will feel how your mind opens and clears, and how the contractions and rigidities in your throat chakra and its sphere of influence gradually dissolve. Now your heart is ready to receive the messages of the Divine.

The reflection of the blue sky in a clear stretch of water will have a widening and liberating effect on your feeling, and the soft sound of the waves will make you aware of your hidden emotions and what they have to tell you. If you let yourself be completely permeated by the vibrating energies of sky and water, your mind and feelings will augment each other perfectly.

Sixth Chakra

The third eye can be stimulated by the contemplation of the starry, deep blue night sky. This experience of nature opens your mind to the boundless expanses of all manifestation in all its immensely varied forms of expression. It gives you an idea of the subtle energies, structures, and laws at work behind the visible plane of life, as are represented by the dance of the celestial bodies in the infinity of space.

Seventh Chakra

Time spent alone on the peak of a very high mountain is the best way of helping your seventh chakra to open up, for here you are far away from your earthly cares and can easier let go of the events of your personal life. This and the closeness to the heavens help you experience a feeling of space and boundlessness.

These seven natural experience will cleanse and activate all your chakras.





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Intestinal Health and Digestion: Things to Remember




Have you ever experienced severe burning sensation inside the stomach, acid reflux, and nausea or felt bloated on a regular basis? If your answer is ‘yes’, you could be suffering from intestinal and digestive health disorders. The number of people suffering from digestive health issues like chronic acidity, bloating, abdominal gas and cramping have been on the rise during the past few decades.

The reasons could be many including unhealthy food habits, lack of regular exercise, unhealthy lifestyle practices, stress, anxiety, and tension. People who suffer from health issues like gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and heartburn have a higher risk of severe digestive disorders.

Intestinal health and digestion can also be affected when your body is stressed. This could be the result of the side effects of medicines, other health disorders that you suffer from, and changes in hormones. You need to have a healthy digestive tract for the good absorption of nutrients and the proper elimination of waste in your body.

Proper absorption of nutrients is essential for the building up of cells and its nourishment. This also supplies your body with sufficient amounts of energy for its healthy functioning. What are some of the ways by which you can improve the intestinal health?

A regular schedule for consuming food

Having a proper routine for eating food is very important for your intestines and digestive health. The greatest causes of digestive health disorders are not eating your food on time or skipping meals. A regular routine for consuming meals and snacks are good for healthy intestines, can ensure your digestive system is in good condition and this established routine helps to improve your bowel movements as well. Eating small meals that are frequent can work better than two or three larger meals. Make sure that snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are taken almost at the same time every day.

A diet rich in fiber

Consuming a fiber-rich diet helps in the smooth movement of food through the digestive system and this prevents constipation. A diet with good amounts of fiber also helps to prevent conditions like hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. A balanced diet with sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains are good for proper digestion and keeping your intestines healthy. Include plenty of fluids as well in your diet. Make sure you consume a variety of foods each day from different groups of food.

Soluble fiber and insoluble fiber

There are two types of fibers, soluble and insoluble. Both are essential for a healthy digestive system as they work in different ways. Soluble fibers like seeds, nuts, oat bran, peas, beans, and other legumes help to absorb more water and prevent stools from being too watery. Insoluble fibers are found in plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, and wheat and rice bran. Insoluble fibers remain undigested and add bulk to the stools. Adding sufficient amounts of fiber to your diet removes bloating and stomach discomfort.

Low-fat food

Even though sufficient amount of fat is necessary to keep you healthy, consuming too many fatty foods could result in constipation and several other diseases. Too much of fat slows down the process of digestion. Consuming meat adds proteins to your body. However, too much of fat in the meat can disrupt healthy digestion. Consuming lean meats can improve a person’s digestive and intestinal health. Include sufficient amounts of fiber-rich food while consuming fatty foods to keep your digestive tract healthy.

Water and liquids

Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids to stay well hydrated. This regulates your bowel movements and helps in proper digestion.

Avoid unhealthy addictions

Unhealthy addictions like consumption of alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, and too much caffeine are extremely bad for the health of your digestive tract and can cause severe heartburn, acidity and stomach ulcers.

Regular exercise

Make regular exercise a part of your lifestyle as this is good for your digestive system and prevents unwanted weight gain.

Prevent stress and anxiety

One of the major causes of unhealthy intestines and digestive system is too much stress and anxiety. Engaging in activities that relieves you of stress on a regular basis keeps you stay happy and healthy.

Your intestinal health and digestion depend on the food you choose to eat and your lifestyle. A healthy diet that is rich in fibers, eating food at regular intervals, drinking plenty of water and liquids, and regular exercise can improve a person’s digestive health and keep them healthy and fit.